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WELCOME to Agricola Mining Pty Ltd which is based in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia.  Our resource company was established in 1995 to mine, process and market agricultural and industrial minerals. 

We specialise in superfine, natural unconsolidated carbonate deposits such as lime, dolomite and magnesite.  The deposits occur in lake beds in the South East of South Australia and on Yorke Peninsula.  Our resources amount to millions of tonnes.

An independent study has shown that Agricola carbonate minerals can be applied at half the rate of other liming agents and still be as effective.  This is due to the ultrafine nature of our products which lead to greater solubility.


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   July 2008
  We are about to open a new minesite and stockpile of Fine Cal Lime >details
  Sept 2007
  Agricola Mining and Meningie Gypsum join forces >details
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